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Burned Skin - First Degree Sunburn Tips And Treatment
By Martha Fitzharris

First degree burns only affect the outer layer of the skin called epidermis. Sunburn is the most likely first degree burn. This type of burn is not life threatening, however, it can be painful and can cause more serious problems in the future such as cancer. What is the most effective way to heal and treat first degree burns?
Symptoms for First Degree Burns
*Redness is the first observable sign of a skin burn, but people usually do not notice this until the next day.
*When skin is stripped from its lipids, it causes another symptom of first degree burn, dry skin. It is very important to moisturize first degree burns.
*Skin is painful to touch. The pain can last for 48-72 hours and then decreases.
*In the middle stage of the healing process, peeling occurs.
Tips for First Degree Sun Burns
Run cold water over the burn or soak it in cool water if the skin is not broken. Make sure no the use ice water as it can harm the skin more. A clean towel can be soaked in cold water and placed on the burn to reduce the

Although painful sunburn will keep you out of the sun for a few days, it is still important to use sunscreen and other forms of UV protection. Sun blocks should be used on your entire body, even the parts that are covered.
Sun burns can be excruciating and it is important to protect them from friction and pressure. Loose fitted clothing is suggested.
Sunglasses and hats are important. Your facial skin is extremely sensitive and it would be harmful for you to experience a second burn. This high exposure to sun and its damaging effects can cause premature aging to show its signs at an early age.
Sunburns are very common and the industry has adapted well, offering many over-the-counter remedies. gels are a common soothing remedy. These products can diminish pain and lessen swelling.
Other natural skin care products are made with a recommended and effective cream made from the byproduct of snails. This cream is especially effective in the healing process as it initiates skin replenishment and regeneration.
Biocutis offers a sun damaged skin treatment called Bioskinbalm that naturally hydrates and balances your skin. It has powerful antioxidants and is well known as one of the only skin care creams that can actually remove damaged cells and trigger skin regeneration.

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