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Acne Home Treatment - 7 Proven Tips For A Blemish Free Face
By Jeyanth Watson
Acne, although predominantly found in teenagers, can occur at any age. Apart from the face, it can also occur on other parts of the body such as the neck and back too. Although there are several prescription medicines and creams available to treat the condition, most people are known to prefer home remedies. Natural remedies are always a much safer alternative to prescription medicine, since they are not known to cause any negative side effect. You can in fact get rid of the ugly marks on your face within a few days time with acne home treatment. Let us take a look at some of the tried and tested acne home remedies.

1. has been used for a pretty long time now for curing various skin conditions. It can be taken internally, as well as applied topically on the affected area. This is one of the best acne home treatment options available that is known to give excellent

results, within a matter of few days.

2. Sandalwood paste when mixed with rose water and applied on the infected area regularly is known to make the face blemish free.

3. Another acne home treatment involves making a paste of cucumber and applying it on the face.

4. Paste produced from cumin seeds is another effective acne home treatment, which is known to give quick results.

5. Lavender oil is another good acne home remedy that can be directly applied on the infected area. When applied regularly, it can help make the skin smooth and soft.

6. Raw garlic is also known to be highly effective in fighting off acne, when applied over the infected area. Garlic can also be simultaneously taken internally for still better results.

7. Cooked oatmeal is another acne home treatment that is known to give good results, when applied regularly on the face.
The author has been providing highly beneficial Acne Home Treatment and understands what it take for effective Acne Treatment and hence has shared some of the vital experiences through the article.

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