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Keloid Treatments After Piercing: Which Is Best?
By Martha Fitzharris

The popularity of piercing cannot be denied. However, negative results can occur and most people don't know this. Keloid scars are the most regular negative reaction. Now, what is a keloid scar?
'An overgrowth of collagenous scar tissue at the site of a skin injury, particularly a wound or a surgical incision. The new tissue is elevated, rounded, and firm' is how a medical dictionary defines a keloid. They grow because the body over defends itself as a result of trauma or surgery. Also, keloids are considered to be a genetic condition.
However, to eliminate them, a natural treatment can be used. Here is a review of some of them and the most advisable one.
Knowing what a natural treatment is would be the first step. 'Natural treatments' are also called 'Alternative medicine' and they involve non-chemical treatments and ingredients that come directly from nature. Natural medicine has become a desired alternative given the fact that conventional medicine usually has side effects.
Natural treatments for keloid scars
Applying tea tree oil is a

natural treatment for keloids. The first to use tea tree leaves were the Australian aboriginals, who used them to treat infections and cuts. Still, some people have had allergic reactions from the use of this product and also there is a research that says that it may cause hormone level disorders.
Another treatment is Mederma, and although some people have had some results in appearance and texture, the overall experience is that after one month there are no significant results.
Aloe Vera has some anti-inflammatory properties and it helps reduce redness in scars. However, its results on keloids are not as significant as one would like.
And the best natural treatment is...
In the end, the keloid scar removal treatment that gives the best results are the ones that contain snail secretion from the Helix Aspersa Muller species. This ingredient stimulates the regenerative process of the skin and helps reduce keloid scars. Feel encouraged to give this treatment a chance because the best aspect of it is that it has no side effects. You will be happy you did.
Got an ugly keloid scar from piercing? Suffer no more! Bioskincare is the best skin repair product for your dilemma. It's main ingredient helps get rid of keloids and hypertrophic scars naturally and with no side effects.

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